Design Factory
01 Jul 2019

Design Factory

In the first part, participants will be introduced to the basic principles of fashion design and

01 Jul 2019

Design Workshop

In the first part (which starts with basic fashion knowledge, fashion concepts, transferring the

13 Apr 2019

Fashion Merchandising

In Turkey, fashion retail companies demand well-equipped managers who are capable of understandin

06 Nov 2018

Training Program for Future Fashion Leaders

With the Training Program for Future Fashion Leaders, you will prepare yourself for the industry

06 Nov 2018

Fashion Design and Management Postgraduate Diploma Program

Advanced level Fashion Design and Management Diploma Program, which teaches those who have comple

18 Feb 2019

Fashion Photography

Rely on your knowledge of technique, light, studio, set, concept, models, hair styling, make-up,

06 Apr 2019

Bag Design

With this programme which is intended for bag design, the most exciting field of fashion, you wil

12 Feb 2019

Personal Fashion Styling

Creating a style for the elements that are special to an individual or institution is possible wi

16 Oct 2018

Pattern and Model Development in Fashion Design

Besides practical training in the fields of pattern and practice, you will be equipped with the s

14 Oct 2018

Fashion Design and Technology Undergraduate Program

The three-year program includes the opportunity to study at the London College of Fashion

18 Mar 2019

Visual Merchandising

This program conveys all details on visual merchandising techniques.

31 Mar 2019

Collection Building and Planning

When you determine your appropriate product range for your target audiance do you take into accou